Methodist Children's Hospital San Antonio

San Antonio hospital saves $1.5 million due to improved documentation


As the only hospital in south Texas designed and built especially for children, San Antonio’s Methodist Children’s Hospital is committed to creating the best possible patient care experience for youth and their families. Hospital leadership recognized the need for an emergency department information system (EDIS) that would improve patient documentation. In achieving its goal, the facility also realized drastic financial savings.   

The hospital implemented EV™ with the patient tracking, physician documentation and nurse documentation modules. Since adopting EV, it reduced paper chart management by 72 percent from 11 hours per day to only three hours. It streamlined the patient discharge process from 18 minutes per patient to six minutes. It also shortened patient transfer times by 85 percent from 18 minutes to three minutes and patient followup calls by 60 percent from 10 minutes to four minutes.

“[EV] allows our physicians and nurses to spend more time with each patient, which is incredibly important for a pediatric facility,” said Pam Dwyer, ED director for Methodist Children’s Hospital.”

The increased efficiency has allowed the hospital to treat more patients than in the past. For example, the ED saw more than 3,000 additional patients in one month during the H1N1 flu season. EV has also had a significant impact on the hospital’s bottom line. Improved documentation of infusions has resulted in increased infusion charges by an average of $75,000 per month. Overall, the hospital saved more than $1.5 million the year it implemented EV.

All of these impressive outcomes led the hospital’s sister facility, Methodist Hospital, to implement the EDIS. Leaders from Methodist Hospital are already raving about the results they’ve seen.

“In the weeks since implementation, we’re already seeing improvements in documentation,” said Roberta Tremper, ED director for Methodist Hospital. “…Not only are we starting to generate more revenue, we’re spending more time with our patients.”

Methodist Children's Hospital San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, Texas
T-System Solution: EV™

EV™ Results:
  • 72% reduction in paper chart management
  • Streamlined patient discharge process
  • 85% decrease in patient transfer times
  • $1.5 million saved the first year
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