Outsourced ED Facility Coding

Memorial University Medical Center improves revenue by
$24.8 million per year with T-System RevCycle+®


Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) saw red flags when reviewing an internal chart audit. In many cases, they noticed the emergency department documentation did not match charge entries; they were not accurately capturing charges in the ED.

To solve inaccurate charge capture and qualified staffing issues, MUMC engaged T-System to provide full-service coding for ED and observation services.

Using advanced coding software, the clinically-trained and professionally-certified T-System coders took over coding calculation, code assignment and quality assurance.

"Overall, T-System has helped us greatly reduce the cost for charging and coding," said Jamie Watson, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at MUMC. "Accuracy and efficiency were primary goals, and we met those in the first month of implementation. Additionally, because of the success of this project, we are looking at other ways T-System can bring additional value."

MUMC saw positive results from T-System's services:

  • Assurance of compliance, data integrity and defensible charges
  • Improved distribution levels to a normal bell curve
  • Improved coding turnaround times at rates less than 48 hours.
  • Faster and more efficient billing

MUMC Facility E/M Level Bell Curve Improvement – Before/After T-System

MUMC Facility E/M Level Bell Curve Improvement – Before/After T-System

The results MUMC achieved are commendable with overall gross annual revenue of $126.9 million,
a $24.8 million increase since partnering with T-System.


"It's never a surprise when a company's sales reps promise you big returns. In this case, T-System truly delivered on every single one of its promises, from implementation time to projections for coding accuracy and revenue. In fact, those initial projections turned out to be quite conservative in comparison to the tremendous results our ED has experienced – and continues to achieve – with T-System."


– Jamie Watson
   VP of Revenue Cycle, MUMC

Memorial University<br />Medical Center

Memorial University
Medical Center

Location: Savannah, Ga.
ED: 100,000 APV
T-System Solution: RevCycle+® full-service ED facility coding

RevCycle+® Results: $24.8 million gross annual revenue increase:
  • $259 increase per patient for facility E/M charges
  • $31 increase per patient for facility procedure charges
  • $502 increase per patient for observation services charges
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