Template-Based Documentation for a Physician Staffing Company

Keystone increases RVUs by 16 percent


Keystone Healthcare Management sought to eliminate revenue lost due to incomplete and illegible patient charts by finding a better physician documentation solution.


“I encouraged them to look at T-System, due to the potential for improved workflow and coding results,” said Sharon Sing-Andrade, president of HIMG, Keystone’s billing partner company. “They [Keystone] needed a solution that would improve the consistency and efficiency of their physician’s documentation habits and allow for customizations based on their unique needs, which T-System provides.”


Following an in-depth evaluation, Keystone selected T Sheets®. The T Sheets solution offered many benefits:


  • Mirrored emergency physicians’ workflow
  • Incorporated regulatory and compliance measures
  • Offered easy and legible circle-and-backslash documentation method
  • Integrated PQRS requirements in templates

A mere four months after implementing T Sheets, Keystone’s documented Relative Value Units (RVUs)

had increased from 2.19 RVUs per visit to an average of 2.54 RVUs – a dramatic 16 percent increase.

Keystone Healthcare Management

Keystone Healthcare Management

Sites: 17 hospitals in New York and Mississippi
EDs: 60,000 APV
T-System Solution: T Sheets® for emergency physicians

T Sheets® Results:
  • Increased RVUs by 16% in four months
  • Improved compliance with PQRS
  • Improved chart legibility
  • Reduced incomplete charts
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