Outsourced Full-Service Facility and Physician Coding

Coon Memorial realizes enterprise revenue cycle solution has negative impact to ED


Much to the dismay of the emergency department (ED) services team, leadership at Coon Memorial Hospital decided to replace their T-System ED coding service.

"After discontinuing T-System's coding services, it immediately became apparent that we weren't keeping up with ED coding," said Kelly Galloway, ED director of Coon Memorial. "We made a swift decision to go back to something that was more effective."

Less than a month after leaving, Coon Memorial reinstituted T-System's full-service facility and physician coding services for the ED, RevCycle+®.

Coon Memorial Hospital shortens A/R days and optimizes revenue

  • Quickly optimized revenue cycle processes brought A/R back down from 15 to 4 days.
  • Advanced coding technology and clinically-trained coders streamlined documentations review and query processes.
  • 24/7 Web-based access to real-time reports helped shorten turnaround times.
  • With a revenue improvement of $500 per visit, Coon expects to collect an additional $2.75 million each year.

“T-System has significantly improved our turnaround time for ED billing.”

– Stephanie Turner, Business Office Manager

T-System & Coon Memorial Hospital

Coon Memorial Hospital

Location: Dalhart, Texas
ED: : 5,500 APV

T-System Solution: RevCycle+® full-service facility and physician coding

RevCycle+™ Results:
  • Shortened A/R days from 15 to 4 days
  • ED revenue optimized by $500 per visit
  • $2.75 million gross annual revenue increase

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