Template-Based Documentation for Urgent Care

Denton Regional Urgent Care Thrives in a Highly Competitive Market


Denton Regional Urgent Care Center provides convenient access to urgent care services for adults in an increasingly competitive market. T Sheets® have helped Denton Regional Urgent Care Center remain a popular option for urgent care despite the competition.

Before implementing T Sheets:

Spiking patient volumes, varying acuity levels and an increasingly competitive local urgent care market led Denton Regional Urgent Care Center to look for a new documentation solution that would help them facilitate safe, effective and efficient care.

After implementing T Sheets:

  • The streamlined workflow and relevant clinical content have improved patient throughput, increased satisfaction and most importantly, enabled the clinicians to spend more time with patients.
  • Denton Regional Urgent Care can view the structured and clinically relevant content on each T Sheet at any time, and now notifies patients every 15 minutes of their status also improving patient safety and satisfaction.
  • More complete and accurate documentation has optimized coding and billing and ensured accurate reimbursement for all visits.

“The T Sheet shows the patient’s story from start to finish without having to document it multiple times,” said Patrick LaFontaine, RN, CEN, CPEN, EMT-P, clinic operations manager at Denton Regional Urgent Care Center. “This cohesive story makes it easy for everyone in the care process to view, access and interpret the medical record, and has resulted in measurable improvements in patient care, reimbursement and satisfaction for both clinicians and patients.”

T-System & Coon Memorial Hospital

Denton Regional Urgent Care Center

Location: Denton, Texas

T-System Solution:
T Sheets®

T Sheets Results:
  • Increased satisfaction for both clinicians and patients
  • Complete and accurate documentation has ensured reimbursement
  • Improved patient throughput

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