Complimentary Ebola Screening Tool

T-System's Complimentary Ebola Screening Tool

T-System is providing Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Screening Tools -- free of charge -- to any clinician or healthcare organization. There is NO CHARGE for these tools. The EVD Screening Tool is being made available to all healthcare providers in the interest of public health and safety.

These screening tools may be used by all healthcare providers. There are two sets available for download:

Emergency department specific:
- Screening Criteria Tool - to be used in registration or triage areas
- Patient Screening Tool - completed and signed by a clinician

All other healthcare providers (urgent care, primary care, etc):
- Screening Criteria Tool - to be used in registration or triage areas
- Patient Screening Tool - completed and signed by a clinician

This tool incorporates the latest CDC guidelines for EVD screening. T-System will monitor the CDC protocols and update the tool as needed. If an update is made to these screening tools T-System will send out an email alerting providers to this change.

Due to the dynamic and time-sensitive nature of the EVD Screening Tool, the tool should be used as is. The only site-specific customizations available at this time are available to T-System customers only, and include the addition of a hospital logo.

As always, this tool is not intended to replace clinical judgment. The use of any or all of these tools is completely at the discretion of your facility or practice. The EVD Screening Tools are a point-of-care tool to help healthcare providers quickly and accurately identify patients infected with EVD.

You do not need to be a customer of T-System to use this screening tool. The EVD Screening Tools are provided as a free service to all healthcare providers and are appropriate for use by hospitals and their emergency departments, urgent care facilities and EMS care providers.

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