Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) for the ER

Technology + services = consistent results with less effort.
The only clinical documentation improvement solution for emergency medicine.

T-System redefines clinical documentation improvement

A successful CDI program, requires feedback and review before the patient leaves the ER. In such a fast-paced, high-volume department, HIM staff can find concurrent review of ER charts difficult or impossible.

T-System minimizes the HIM team’s workload and the need for extensive physician training by offering a single solution that incorporates industry-leading documentation content, automated physician documentation feedback at-the-point-of-care, computer-assisted coding and reporting. With T-System, you can automate and walk away for complete clinical documentation improvement in the ER.

T-System CDI solution features

  • Gold-standard documentation content to guide thorough and standardized documentation
  • Patent-pending documentation feedback to minimize training needs and ensure specificity
  • Computer-assisted coding for faster, more accurate charge capture and coding
  • CDI assurance services with chart assessment, physician training and process redesign

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