ED Overcrowding

You can’t afford to have your patients wait.

The number of emergency departments (EDs) is shrinking while the number of patients seeking emergency care is multiplying. Simply put, our nation’s EDs are in crisis.

ED overcrowding threatens:
  • Patient safety – Longer waits increase morbidity and other negative patient outcomes.
  • Patient satisfaction – The most important patient satisfaction factor is the time it takes to see a provider. Seventy-five dissatisfied patients complain to 465 potential patients.
  • Hospital revenue – Walkouts and ambulance diversions equate to lost revenue: $500 per average ED visit; $3,000-7,000 for each inpatient admission; and $1,000 for each hour spent on diversion.

When you can’t grow bigger, get smarter.

To tackle overcrowding, EDs must improve their throughput (patient flow). Addressing throughput issues requires a multi-pronged strategy.

T-System can help by providing:
  • The right team – T-System’s throughput consultants are experienced ED clinicians and experts on ED workflow and lean processes.
  • The right technology – T-System offers technology that can improve throughput at every stage of the patient experience, from registration and triage through treatment, admission and discharge or hand-off.
  • The right processes – T-System consultants can demonstrate how to leverage existing data to create a no-wait ED.

After all your patients have been put through, don’t make them suffer from your throughput.

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