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Reducing Readmissions at Cox Medical Center Branson

Cox Medical Center BransonWith a high rate of self-pay and Medicaid patients coming through its front door, Cox Medical Center Branson needed a way to better manage these patients in order to improve outcomes and reduce the cost of care. Cox Medical Center Branson, a 165-bed community hospital in southern Missouri, sees about 40,000 patients a year in its emergency department (ED). In 2012, 24% of those patients were self-pay and 29% were insured by Medicaid. As explained in a recent article, Medicaid patients tend to be significantly sicker than privately insured patients, potentially leading to a higher readmission rate if the patients did not receive appropriate follow-up care. Cox discovered that for many of these patients the ED was the only source for treatment, which was a costly option for the hospital compared to regular visits to a primary care physician or clinic. A large number of avoidable patient readmissions could also put the hospital at risk for incurring government penalties.

In order to solve these problems, Cox Medical Center Branson implemented T-System Care Continuity, a web-based patient transition management solution. Cox is using Care Continuity to connect to their 19 provider clinics and actively manage workflow and communication processes. With the solution, Cox can identify and track high-risk patients to ensure they receive needed follow-up care. Cox can electronically refer these patients to a clinic, which could provide less costly and more proactive care. Provider clinics can receive text or email notifications when their patients who register in the ED are admitted to the hospital or are discharged. T-System Care Continuity gives the entire organization easy access to the complete patient record.

Today, Cox is leveraging T-System best practices in order to improve their patient transition processes and reduce their readmission rate by 20%. And, in the coming months, Cox Medical Center Branson plans to extend T-System Care Continuity to additional clinics within and outside of their network.

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