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February 2013
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Brian Clare, M.D., FACEP By Brian Clare, M.D., FACEP
Vice President, RevCycle+

Flu T SheetsAnyone who works in healthcare understands the incredible demand placed on providers during flu season. Emergency departments (EDs), physician offices, urgent care clinics and pharmacies alike are flooded with sniffles, coughs and sneezes. Year after year, the media forewarns the public that this could be the "worst flu season ever." Yet, many of the patients who present did not receive a flu shot, are still going to work and school, and are mistakenly convinced they need a quick-fix antibiotic.

As this and other common wintertime illnesses plague patients across the country, I can't help but think back to November – a time just three months ago – when many of us gathered around our Thanksgiving dinner tables to express our gratitude for our health.

Like many other physicians, I often find myself wondering how we can help instill in patients that heightened sense of health awareness not just in November but year-round. What would our EDs, physician offices and urgent care clinics look like if preventative and follow-up care were more than just trends or "hot topics" in the healthcare community? What if wellness were a way of life for every individual every day of the year?

T-System is committed to continually enhancing solutions that will equip you, our valued clients, with the tools you need to address patient demand issues and influence preventative and follow-up care. One solution we are offering this winter is patient documentation templates for the diagnosis and treatment of H3N2, the primary influenza A virus circulating this season. It is our hope that these T Sheets® will help you work faster so your patients can get to feeling better sooner.

In the meantime, thanks to each of you who is working hard to care for patients and rid our country of this year's flu season.

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