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February 2013
The T SystemEV® Tips – Documentation for Medication Administration

Kathy MaceBy Kathy Mace, RN, SANE
T-System Performance Consultant
Vanessa Sprang, RN
T-System Education Consultant

In the latest version of T SystemEV, we've added documentation for medication administration. Below are step-by-step instructions on this new and easy-to-use feature.

The order completion takes place at the same time as the medication administration note is documented.

Screen One

In "Medication View," the medication order is visible in the upper left hand corner of the box.

Screen Two

The medication list will bring up a list of medications and here you will select the proper dosage.

Screen Three

  1. The dose amount and units will auto fill.
  2. Use the Medication Administration Notes section to complete the documentation.
  3. The documentation appears in the details area
  4. Time/date stamp the entry
  5. Click "OK"
Screen Four

The completed medication administration note now appears under "Medication Order" and is also in the clinical report.

Screen Five

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