RevCycle+® Outpatient Charge Capture Software & Services

$24.8 million
Memorial University Medical Center improved revenue by $24.8M. Read more.
$13.6 million
Children’s Hospital Colorado increased collections by $13.6M. Read more.

T-System’s outpatient charge capture services are led by clinically-trained, AAPC- and AHIMA-credentialed professionals. Our unique clinical expertise helps inform the front-end of the process while sophisticated technology automates and streamlines ER coding.

ER facility coding

Advanced outpatient charge capture software verifies charges and applies specific rules appropriately and includes an advanced calculator for infusions, injections and hydrations. Especially with concurrent services, clients benefit from an expert-level review to determine if more than one of the services may be considered an initial service.
  • Customizable algorithms for payer, local coverage determinations, age and gender
  • Facility procedures charge capture includes upfront outpatient code editor (OCE)
  • Management reports to pinpoint deficiencies, procedures by physician and areas of additional training

Encoder for ER diagnosis coding

Developed by certified coders and physicians, our ICD-10-ready encoder uses natural language processing to ensure accurate, defensible codes for efficiency and compliance.
  • A built-in hierarchy of edits ensures a complete code
  • Provides placeholders and prompts the user when a seven-digit code is necessary
  • A customizable pick-list allows the external cause to be rapidly selected

Observation services coding

T-System’s advanced coding technology easily captures observation hours and subtracts hours for actively monitored procedures – all while allowing for the continuation of procedure charging and coding, including infusions and hydration therapy. Infusions and hydration therapy charging can extend across service areas and requires the sophisticated charge capture algorithms that T-System offers.

ER physician coding

Our advanced coding system accurately reflects the level of services provided from a physician's perspective – complete with medical decision making (MDM) calculation, defensible audit report and ongoing Q/A.

Immediate benefits

  • Average $100 gross revenue increase per patient

  • Defensible audit report details level of service calculations

  • Increased accuracy in charge capture and coding

  • 24/7 Web-based access to real-time reports
Three levels of service to fit your needs:

1. Computer-assisted coding software and service

Sophisticated outpatient charge software has a Web-based coding platform supported by quality assurance and client management services.

2. Full-service coding

T-System expert coders perform and manage all coding activities so your hospital can focus on what it does best – caring for patients.

3. Back-up coding

When patient volumes are up and staff coverage is down, our coders can step in during times of need to ensure your hospital doesn't fall behind.
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