Care Continuity™

Automated provider notifications.
Aggregate patient data in an
easy-to-read central online location.

The ER touches more than 83 percent of all patients that visit your hospital and treats the highest risk patients. Care Continuity™ actively manages patient transitions with a focus on the highest impact area for improved patient outcomes.

Effectively reduce avoidable readmissions

In 2013, approximately half of all hospitals in the U.S. lost a combined total of $300 million in Medicare payments for penalties associated with patients diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction, heart failure or pneumonia being readmitted within 30 days. Care Continuity™ allows you to automatically flag and track those patients to ensure they receive follow-up care.

Enable continuity of care

Many systems only aggregate data and allow access to anyone that looks for it. This Web-based solution goes beyond information capture – it provides actionable work queues and alerts to keep all care team members informed of next steps.

Improve physician alignment & prepare for bundled payments

Engaging community providers is critical for improving referrals and effectively coordinating care. Physician referrals constitute a significant source of hospitals revenue; care coordination will set you up for the future as healthcare moves further down the path of bundled payments.
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Identifies patients at risk for readmission

Provides PCP notifications and anywhere chart access

Automatically notifies the patient’s PCP or care givers at key intervals throughout the ED and inpatient encounter who can then view aggregated clinical records for that patient through a web portal.

Identifies patients at risk for readmission

Manages patients at high-risk for readmission

Based on customizable criteria, Care Continuity™ will automatically alert your case management team by email or text when a high-risk patient arrives in your ED and flag those patients at discharge so you can ensure they receive the needed follow-up.
Identifies patients at risk for readmission

Automates referral management

Generates a list of all ED patients who do not have a medical home and track the patient's transition from your medical staff to a successful match with a community provider for ongoing clinical care.

Identifies patients at risk for readmission

Closes the loop

Monitors patient transitions by alerting your care team when a physician practice accepts a patient assignment. If the practice is unable to accept a new patient due to schedule conflicts, Care Continuity™ will identify another practice that can meet the patient's needs.
Identifies patients at risk for readmission

Coordinates care planning

Track calls, treatments and care plans with an easy-to-use patient care management platform for the entire care team.

Provides PCP notifications and anywhere chart access Manages patients at high-risk for readmissions Automates referral management Closes the loop Coordinates care planning
Download white paper Cutting avoidable readmissions starts in the ED

Strategies for reducing
ED overuse
Strategies for reducing emergency department overuse
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