EV™ - Easy, Effective, EDIS.

Easy, Effective, EDIS.
iTriage connectivity
  • Display current wait times
  • Receive prearrival notifications
  • Notify PCPs of patient status changes
Real-time ED throughput statistics

T-System's EV™ is the most complete emergency department information system (EDIS) out-of-the-box with one of the shortest implementation times and 100 percent clinical adoption. ER users report proficiency can be achieved in just two shifts.

More than 300 EDs today use EV™ to become leading centers for efficiency, quality and financial performance.
ONC Meaningful use certified EHR - EV Meaningful Use-certified EHR
EV™ ICD-10 feedback schema Innovation to support ICD-10
T-System's EV™ is top-ranked by KLAS T-System's EV™ is top-ranked by KLAS T-System's EV™ is top-ranked by KLAS Top-ranked by KLAS

Pre/post arrival

iTriage connectivity

Improve patient throughput and patient mix with unique connectivity to a popular mobile and web application. Publish real-time ER wait times, provide in-network appointment setting and more.

Patient tracking

Configurable automation lets you set thresholds and notifications while viewing critical patient throughput metrics and status changes.

Image center

Easily attach documents and images to the ED patient record for more accessible information for your care team.

Patient treatment

Physician and nurse charting

Easily and quickly record patient care at the bedside with template-based electronic documentation. Following the highly-efficient circle and backslash documentation method of T Sheets®, EV™ goes one step further and supports concurrent nurse/physician charting. This flexibility supports leaner throughput strategies to enable a no-wait ER. Finally, with automated feedback, nurses and physicians can ensure they document all information needed to ensure regulatory compliance and the most appropriate reimbursement. Learn about EV's patented ICD-10 capabilities.

Clinical decision support

EV™ incorporates leading, evidenced-based diagnosis and medication information from PEPID™ and Isabel Healthcare for up-to-date disease and diagnosis information; symptom-based differential diagnoses; dosing calculators; drug monographs with age, weight, disease and renal adjustment dosing; and hundreds of medical calculators, including scoring systems at the point-of-care. 


EV™’s configurable CPOE module allows best-practice orders to be easily and accurately placed. A single screen showing all order sets eliminates page scrolling while a single-click pre-select option initiates standardization within order sets. With the embedded ability to track orders, EV™ gives clients visibility into major order milestones. Pre-defined adult- and pediatric-focused content, inbound/outbound interoperability and drug and allergy conflict checking ensures patient safety.


Create legible prescriptions and send them directly and securely to a patient's pharmacy before the patient even leaves the ED. The solution incorporates patient registration and insurance information, automatically screens prescriptions for drug interactions and allergies, and enhances workflow through features such as ED-specific favorites lists. EV™ operates over the Surescripts® Electronic Prescribing Network, which supports 90 percent of U.S. retail and independent community pharmacies.

Discharge instructions

EV™ discharge instructions can be accessed and printed quickly from a comprehensive library of thousands of instruction topics. EV™ records special instructions, comments and modifications.

Post care

Medical home connectivity

Reduce avoidable readmissions and ensure continuity of care by connecting EV™ to care providers in the community. EV™ automatically alerts providers of patient status changes such as arrival and discharge via text or email and providers can access the ED patient record in a Web-based viewer.


EV™ intelligence provides comprehensive reporting and analysis services. Reporting services include: canned reports with a variety of export options; sub-reports to provide a more in-depth view of data deficiencies; and a report builder that allows users to create custom reports without calling and waiting on IT resources. Users may subscribe to and schedule reports for automatic delivery on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis. Analysis services let users design, create and manage multi-dimensional reports and manipulate and share the reports via Microsoft Excel 2010.


Real-time ED throughput statistics can be used immediately to make decisions about patient flow, staffing and resources. Hospitals can stay ahead of bottlenecks with web-based access and an advanced notification system that generates and distributes alerts for metrics such as the inflow/outflow ratio, occupancy and capacity. Daily reports compare the ED's current and historical performance against 7-, 30- or 90-day baselines. See how one hospital is using EV™ STAT to reduce wait times and length of stay.

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