T Sheets® - Medical Paper Charting

The gold standard
in paper documentation.

T Sheets® is one of the most well-known and accepted paper documentation solutions in emergent and urgent care. With 150 standardized chief complaint templates clinicians can document patient encounters efficiently at the point of care using circles and backslashes.

  • Extensive free text and dictation for documenting care
  • ICD-10-ready templates capturing specificity and accuracy
  • Customizable to incorporate an organization's unique policies and procedures

Many clients consistently report significant improvements in efficiency, quality and reimbursement with T Sheets®.  

Paper templates for emergency physicians and nurses

T Sheets Physicians T Sheets® alleviate the burden of medical documentation so both ED physicians and nurses can focus on what they do best: delivering patient care. The intuitive design of the paper documentation solution matches the unique workflow of emergency medicine. With the easy-to-use circle-and-backslash documentation method, charting can be completed quickly—yet thoroughly and legibly— at the bedside. The ICD-10-ready template also captures accuracy and specificity to ensure optimal reimbursement.

Paper templates for urgent and primary care

T Sheets Urgent Care

Learn more about
T Sheets® for
urgent care.
T Sheets® are well-suited for the process and workflow of urgent and primary care. T Sheets® for urgent care is a natural extension of our emergency department charting solution; the paper template solution assists clinical teams to chart efficiently to improve patient throughput and patient access to care. To fit your needs, T Sheets® offers flexible documentation, supporting both facility and office-based coding formats. Organization and storage options, including a freestanding wheeled unit or a mini shelving unit, are also available. Learn more.

Paper templates for business continuity

T Sheets business continuityWhen it comes to patient care, every second counts. A focused subset of T Sheets® is available to ensure business continuity for unexpected situations. T Sheets® for business continuity supplements your EDIS solution and can transform any catastrophe into a brief and minor inconvenience. Be prepared for any incident: planned or unplanned system downtime, hardware failures, natural disasters, patient volume overload, power outages and offsite treatment.

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