T Sheets®

The gold standard in paper documentation

T Sheets® is one of the most widely used and accepted documentation systems in emergency medicine. It is a paper template system that helps clinicians chart and solve up to 150 patient complaints in a visual way. With T Sheets, clinicians can document patient encounters quickly at the point of care using circles and backslashes. Covering 95 percent of all cases that present, the system is built with the most comprehensive and up-to-date clinical content for emergency medicine to ensure compliance with federal regulations and industry best practices. T Sheets may also be customized to incorporate an organization's unique policies and procedures.

The efficiency of the T Sheets allows clinicians to spend more time with patients and improve throughput. It offers a standardized method for documenting care, to eliminate the need for extensive free text and dictation. Standardized documentation also ensures that the necessary level of detail is captured to allow for accurate, specific coding and, ultimately, optimal reimbursement. Save hours each shift and thousands of dollars over other charting methods.

Paper templates for ED physicians

T Sheets Physicians The intuitive design of T Sheets® matches the emergency physician's unique workflow while serving as a visual roadmap of the patient's care. T Sheets help physicians document findings relevant to clinical outcomes while remaining compliant with all federal regulations. T Sheets, which allow clinicians to use an easy circle-and-backslash documentation method, create a thorough, legible record of a patient's visit. Physicians consistently report significant improvements in efficiency, quality and reimbursement with T Sheets.

Paper templates for ED nurses

T Sheets Nurses T Sheets® alleviate the burden of documentation so nurses may focus on what they do best: delivering patient care. T Sheets incorporate quality indicators and standards based on the patient presentation to increase the quality and accuracy of nursing documentation. With the easy circle-and-backslash documentation method, charting can be completed quickly at the bedside so nurses can spend more time with patients.

Paper templates for urgent and primary care

T Sheets Urgent Care T Sheets® for urgent care is a natural extension of our emergency department charting solution. To fit your needs, T Sheets are available in facility- and office-based formats. We also offer multiple organization and storage options for T Sheets, including freestanding, wheeled units and desktop shelving.

The demand for primary care is growing, but the supply of physicians is dwindling. T Sheets for primary care help clinicians chart faster and more efficiently to improve patient throughput and patient access to care.

Paper templates for disaster recovery

When it comes to patient care, every second counts. A focused subset of T Sheets is available for disaster recovery situations to supplement your EDIS solution. T Sheets can transform a disaster from a full-blown catastrophe into a brief and minor inconvenience. Be prepared for any incident:
  • Planned/unplanned system downtime
  • Hardware failures
  • Natural disasters
  • Patient volume overload
  • Power outages
  • Offsite treatment

Note-taking tool for ED physicians & scribes

Doc Notes is a paper note-taking tool that allows physicians and scribes to rapidly and accurately capture the initial part of an ED visit at the bedside for subsequent entry into the EMR. With the same great format as T Sheets, your team will be able to rapidly select the correct note and begin note-taking, out-of-the-box. This provides the flexibility needed for a variety of scenarios, and physicians can work independently or with a scribe. Doc Notes is used for data collection purposes only and is not intended to become part of the patient’s medical record.
  • 64 chief complaint-based notes to assist in your busy ED
  • Easy way to capture the initial part of the visit in a structured format
  • Visual reminder for reportable quality measures
  • ED team collaboration and notes section

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