Autonomous Coding Engine

Delivering Significant Improvement to Coder Productivity and Quality

The T System solution utilizes an Autonomous Coding Engine to significantly reduce and eliminate labor intensive and error prone tasks in the coding process. Utilizing the documentation from The T System, our Autonomous Coding Engine performs clinical concept extraction across structured and unstructured documentation. The engine then automates all aspects of the workflow across coding and charge capture.

Automation for Critical Issues

Autonomous coding is designed to address:

Limited access to quality coders

Seasonal variation in demand for coders such as end-of-year HCC coding

Quality issues from inexperienced coders

Elevated turnaround time for coding and charge capture

Reduced coding backlog and its impact on DNFB and cashflow

Continued budgetary restrictions for coding support and staff

Going Beyond Historic Technology

Beyond historic CAC (computer assisted coding) and NLP (natural language processing) solutions, the Autonomous Coding Engine offers knowledge based artificial intelligence (AI) customized to the unique needs each client.

NLP is taken to the next level with clinical concept extraction designed to generate clinical metadata. This metadata classifies clinical semantics and determines relationship among clinical concepts. Extraction is possible in The T System where other solutions fail to automate application of documentation.

With clinical concepts properly clinical concepts properly applied, charges and codes are autonomously derived from the solution utilizing facility tailored rules processing and learning engines. The small percentage of codes that do not meet the confidence threshold of the platform are routed to appropriate coding professionals for finalization.

Proven Results

The ability to tailor the platform to client policy and procedures enables comprehensive and accurate pick up of charges. This significantly enhances operations efficiency and consequently improves accuracy, financial results, workflow, auditability, compliance, and transparency.

Improved Cash Flow

Significant Reducing in DFNB & Shorter TAT

Improved Productivity

Up to 700% Coder Productivity Improvement

Reduced Cost

Retrain and Repurpose Staff

Enhanced Manageability

Auditability and Transparency & Extensive Reporting / Analytics

Standardized Rules

Improved Compliance and Quality Reduced Training

Advanced Capabilities

Our Autonomous Coding Engine extends beyond existing rudimentary coding automation platforms. The solution automates the application of charges, CPTs, HCPCs, Diagnoses, and E/M levels.

Across hospitals, clinics, urgent care, radiology and physician practices, the Autonomous Coding Engine delivers significant impacts to coding operations in the following areas.


E&M Coding

Diagnostic Coding

Procedure Coding

Medication Admin. Coding



Order Matching

Diagnosis Coding

Procedure Coding

Medical Necessity

Quality Measures


E&M Coding

Diagnostic Coding

Procedure Coding

Performance Metrics


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