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Care Coordination in Real-Time

Telehealth is an essential tool for all healthcare professionals, making it seamless to move between a message and face-to-face live conversations. Whether you’re using it full-time or occasionally, video appointments help reduce no-shows, expand your caseload, and allow you to work from anywhere. Telehealth can be easily used for trainings, consultations, and in-home patient care—allowing you to provide better care.

Use telehealth to improve treatment adherence and attract and retain patients. Telehealth visits via Backline improve patient engagement and satisfaction scores by enabling the convenient, on-demand treatment that patients have come to expect from healthcare providers. Additionally, virtual visits help increase revenue as they’re increasingly eligible for reimbursement as billable services.

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Deliver In-Home Patient Care

Care providers can deliver timely and convenient care to patients in the comfort of their own home, helping reduce hospital readmissions

Consultations and Training

Easily consult with home-base nursing staff, doctors, and specialists from the field, mitigating in-office time and travel costs for specialty consults

Quick Check-Ins

Simple-to-use video chats can reduce no-shows, ensure adherence with medication protocols, and allow for remote patient diagnostics

One-on-One Sessions

Provide virtual counseling for behavioral and mental health patients

Early Intervention

Proactive patient engagement and early intervention helps patients with chronic disease manage their conditions

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