Client Results and Case Studies

Success Stories with The T System

The Evolution of ER Documentation | EV

T Sheets® Customers Realize Immediate Benefits Upon Implementation of Electronic EV™

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Centegra Health System | EV

Effective implementation improves key quality metrics

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Keesler Air Force Medical Center | EV

Keesler successfully leverages data to transform emergency department processes

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Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital | EV for physicians

Physicians switch from dictation to EHR without sacrificing efficiency

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Memorial University Medical Center | RevCycle+

Improved charge capture results in improved processes and $24.8M improvement in gross annual revenue

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Canonsburg General Hospital | EVS

treamlined process and improved data capture result in optimized reimbursement

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Tahoe Forest Hospital | EV

Story of 100% clinician adoption of EV

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Madison Memorial Hospital | EV

Hospital goes from EV to an enterprise EHR and back to EV after experiencing a decrease in revenue and productivity with the enterprise EHR

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Coon Memorial Hospital | RevCycle+

Optimized revenue cycle processes brought A/R days from 15 to 4 and resulted in a $2.75M increase in annual gross revenue

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