Complimentary Influenza, COVID-19, and Monkeypox T Sheets®

The T System is providing complimentary influenza, COVID-19, and Monkeypox T Sheets to all U.S. clinicians and healthcare organizations

About Influenza and COVID-19 T Sheets

Influenza and COVID-19 T Sheets are point-of-care tools designed to support consistent documentation, diagnosis and treatment of influenza patients. All templates incorporate the necessary clinical content and terminology required for ICD-10 and the latest CDC guidelines for diagnosis and treatment. T-System will monitor the CDC diagnostic and treatment protocols and update the tools as needed.

**Effective 8/28/2022, this Flu T Sheet has been updated to include Monkeypox records including: viral exposure information, monkeypox exposure, associated symptoms, and associated immunizations.** 

The use of any or all of these tools is completely at the discretion of your facility or practice. As always, the tools are not intended to replace clinical judgment.

Templates are available for:

  • Emergency department: physician, nurse and order set
  • Emergency department pediatric: physician, nurse and order set
  • Urgent care: physician

* Due to the dynamic and time-sensitive nature of the influenza, COVID-19, and Monkeypox T Sheets, the tools should be used as is. Site-specific customizations are not available at this time.

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