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Influenza and COVID-19

Influenza and COVID-19 T Sheets are point-of-care tools designed to support consistent documentation, diagnosis and treatment of influenza patients. To access these no cost, complimentary T Sheets click below.

Complimentary T Sheets →

T Sheets® for Staff Augmentation

If you don’t have time to fully train new staff on complex EMR documentation in a fast-paced ER environment, let The T System help.

T Sheets® for Staff Augmentation is a low cost, easy-to-use paper documentation system that can have your new ER staff trained in 30 minutes or less. Click below to learn more.

T Sheets for Staff Augmentation →

Telemedicine – DrFirst

Through virtual visits, providers can reach out and complete real-time patient assessments without patients coming into the office or waiting in the ER where critically ill patients may be exposed to other diseases.

T Sheets for Staff Augmentation →

T System EV for COVID-19

As a healthcare IT company, we understand the many stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. T-System is taking proactive steps to help ensure our clients can document care thoroughly and efficiently during this critical time. We have detailed the clinical content updates below along with additional information and documentation reminders that can assist in effective Emergency Department and Urgent Care throughput during this pandemic.

Screening & Documentation

Coronavirus was added to the Infectious Disease Exposure screening tool, sick contact, and recent travel documentation for both nurse and provider in the 1912 content update.

Complimentary Influenza/COVID-19 T Sheets are available for download here.

Flags on Tracking Board

Flags on the Tracking Board can play a vital role in indicating patients who screen positive in triage. Custom flags can be created by contacting T-System Client Support.

To request the COVID-19 Patient Flag start up icon, please submit a case via email to or through the T-System Client Support portal. Client Support will utilize this flag image or work with one you provide.


COVID-19 lab orders can be free-texted in CPOE or customized for your facility by contacting T-System Client Support. Click here for more information.


Discharge Instructions

COVID-19 discharge instructions will be included in an upcoming content release. Custom discharge instructions can be made with the COVID-19 ExitWriter information available here.


ICD-10 & CPT

Accurately coding for COVID-19 visits is critical to optimizing reimbursement.
Please click here for additional coding resources.

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