Emergency Department Information System

Creating Real Value:

Designed to work with your clinicians instead of against them, The T System delivers impressive value and outcomes.

  • Increased average per patient revenue $220+
  • Reduced denied claims
  • Eliminated down coding
  • Pre-built, gold standard clinical content
  • Rapid ROI as early as 6 months
  • Interoperability with all HIS
  • Flexible solution delivery
  • Highest provider adoption and satisfaction ratings


Deployment flexibility:

Cloud Access

The T System Evolved provides a cloud-based solution for today’s IT environment

Client Server Environment

Clients have options to host The T System in their own environment.

Cerner Embedded Solution

The T System SMART App is a Cerner certified solution delivered within the Cerner EHR

Improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes with the most widely adopted emergency department information system in the U.S.

Improves Financial Outcomes

The T System patented gold-standard content, terminology, and structure guide your clinicians through the documentation specificity needed within their current workflow, ensuring it’s done completely and accurately from the start without sacrificing speed. This ensures your emergency department receives appropriate compensation for the care provided.

“The T System projected that we would reach our ROI in 1 year, but we reached it in only 6 months!”

April Settles, CFO, Greene County General Hospital

Proven clinical success

The T System has the highest adoption rate in the industry, with clinicians reporting success within one to two shifts.  Our experienced installation team is made up of emergency department professionals with real-world clinical and coding experience to ensure we deliver on time and on budget and achieve measurable outcomes. Clients receive an exceptional level of ongoing client support, including clinical and revenue cycle teams that ensure you achieve continued success.

“Without any training, the clinicians understand how to use the system after one or two patients; it’s that intuitive!”

Jodi Townsend, ED Director, Heart of Rockies Regional Medical Center

Proven operational success

Key performance indicators can help improve patient satisfaction, employee morale, and other objectives important to your hospital. Providing the right system emergency documentation system should substantially improve your emergency department’s KPI. CorroHealth has compiled several key performance indicators from hospitals using The T System that demonstrate proven operational improvements.

“Ease of use and data mining capability allowed us to become more efficient, quantify our work, and make intelligent decisions based on data rather than instinct or myths.”

Joseph Pocreva, M.D., Medical Director, Keesler Medical Center

The T System solution stands behind its revenue projections.

Request a complimentary chart assessment to determine your revenue impact.