Our History

The foundation: two dedicated physicians, one genius idea.


The end of unstructured ED documentation

Enter Woodrow Gandy, M.D., and Rob Langdon, M.D. – As practicing physicians, they see their hospital’s average emergency department (ED) patient volume skyrocket from about 35,000 to 50,000 annual patient visits. This increase is mirrored throughout the nation. Patient documentation is done through handwritten notes or dictation. It’s not uncommon to work 18-hour shifts to complete their documentation. Concerns about medical malpractice and continuously evolving healthcare regulations add to the predicament.


The T Sheet® is born

The newfound partners come up with the idea to develop a template-based documentation system. After incorporating clinician feedback from thousands of patient encounters, a new template system is born – one that could solve up to 150 complaints in a visual way. The system, which allows clinicians to document using circles and backslashes, helps them see patients more quickly, creates a more thorough record of a patient’s visit, and offers better medicolegal protection.


The meaning of “T”

Gandy and Langdon spend countless hours working on their new documentation system and strategizing how to implement it at their first client site. They study workflow processes, how every inch of space in the ED is used, how doctors could be most easily trained, and more.

During the first pilot at a local facility, Langdon asks doctors to mark a “T” on a patient’s chart if they used the new template system or a “D” if they dictated the chart. When Langdon returns to the site two days later, he pulls a stack of charts and finds every chart with a “T” marked on it.


The homunculi make a stand

The T System is officially named and incorporated. Gandy and Langdon’s homes are transformed into offices and production centers. They build the shelving units and make template copies in their garages. The demand for the templates, named T Sheets®, is constant; Gandy and Langdon print so many T Sheets that they find themselves having to replace their printers every two to three weeks.


Amassing clinical experts

Over time, The T System’s client base grows rapidly by 50-60 hospitals per month. The T System moves out of Gandy and Langdon’s homes to a corporate office in Dallas. They start hiring many of their nurse and physician friends to help support the rapidly expanding company.


The T System-crazed paparazzi

T Sheets is officially an ED cult classic, becoming a stage prop in several TV show EDs and mentioned in the script on the hit television show “ER.” The T System exhibit booth at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) conference swarms with attendees.


EV™ is generally available

T Sheets are adapted and expanded into a comprehensive ED information system (EDIS) known today as EV™ . Leveraging the content of the T Sheets, EV™ allows clients to spend more time with patients, improves care quality, reduces medical errors and organizational costs, and helps clients demonstrate Meaningful Use.


Now with CPOE

The T System adds the CPOE module to EV™. Gandy and Langdon are heavily involved in the design of this feature.


Decision Support and performance enhancement

The T System adds new performance enhancing solutions to EV including PEPID and Isabel Healthcare, which offer clinicians the decision support they need. Also EV STAT, a dashboard generating real-time throughput statistics, is introduced.


The T System sets the stage to solve ED financial challenges

The T System introduces Care Continuity, Lean consulting services and iTriage connectivity. RevCycle+® is introduced. Through the acquisition of Clinical Coding Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri, The T System sets the stage to drive innovation in ED coding and make a significant impact on the financial health of emergency care.


Unprecedented growth

EV™ is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 measures.

The T System CFO, Steve Armond, is named CFO of the year by the Dallas Business Journal.

The T System is ranked 65 on Healthcare Informatics list of top Healthcare IT companies.

The T System is ranked 17th on the Medical Economics list of top EHR companies.

The T System introduces physician-centric solutions EV™ for physicians and Doc Notes, a bedside note-taking tool, to once again tackle new productivity challenges caused by new regulatory burdens and inefficient enterprise EHRs.


The ICD-10-ready era

The T System’s full product suite is updated for ICD-10 and includes patent-pending technology that helps clinicians document accurately for ICD-10 without any interruption in workflow.


Clinically-driven growth

The T System CEO Roger Davis is chosen for Becker’s 21 Health IT Leaders to Know.

The T System joins CommonWell Health Alliance.

The T System strengthens focus on clinically-driven innovation, promotes clinical leaders to drive solutions.

T Sheets Digital for urgent care is introduced, The T System’s next generation of T Sheets. The T System also offers ED transformation services to help EDs optimize workflow, patient outcomes and department performance.

The T System ranked Top Overall Vendor in Black Book’s 2015 EDIS report.


The T System launches the EVolvED platform

The T System launches the EVolvED platform, a cloud-native, web-delivered platform of solutions utilizing the latest technology for feature and product development.

The T System ranked Top Overall Vendor in Black Book’s 2016 EDIS report, for the 2nd year in a row.


FNFV (Cannae Holdings, INC) acquires The T System Holdings

FNFV (Cannae Holdings, Inc) FNFV Announces acquisition of The T System Holdings for $200 Million.

The T System ranked Top Overall Vendor in Black Book’s 2017 EDIS report, for the 3rd year in a row.


The T System launches the The T System SMART® App

The T System launches the The T System SMART® App and is the first and only documentation company to use SMART® on FHIR® technologies to embed within an enterprise EHR vendor.

The T System ranked Top Overall Vendor in Black Book’s 2019 EDIS report, for the 5th year in a row.


Launch of CorroHealth

The T System, along with three other organizations, emerged as CorroHealth in 2020 with a focus on providing a greater breadth of clinical revenue solutions.


Smarter emergency care

Our goal is simple – to focus on providing solutions and services that improve our clients’ financial, operational and clinical outcomes.

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