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Children's Hospital Colorado increases collections by $13.6 million


Children's Hospital Colorado, a briskly growing network of six facilities around the Denver area, was using expensive contract labor to perform their emergency department (ED) charge capture and coding, but suspected numerous charges were being left on the table. In the first seven months of using T-System's RevCycle+® – advanced, facility coding software and quality assurance services – the hospital improved collections by $269 per ED patient, leading to an increase of $13.6 million dollars collected, and is on-pace to double gross revenue per year.

How T-System's technology-enabled service drove collections:

  • An intuitive, points-based algorithm delivered a more normalized distribution in all E/M categories that accounted for the type and scope of resources used in the pediatric hospital setting which often go unreported – from cardiac monitoring and specimen collection to order entry and the use of language interpreters – as well as the crucial IV injection/infusion calculator.

  • Daily quality assurance audits checked samples of charts for omissions or incorrect charges and distributed results at the end of each day. Hospital administrators were able to pinpoint documentation deficiencies and coding problems to identify areas for additional training.

  • A dedicated T-System account manager helped simplify and centralize communication, from new user access to updates in the charge master.


"T-System continues to pay for itself many times over. Shortly after beginning the service, we discovered that numerous charges were being left on the table – causing us to lose a substantial amount of money that we were entitled to collect."


– Melinda Patten
   director of health information management

T-System & Children's Hospital Colorado

Children's Hospital Colorado

Location: Aurora, Colo.
ED: 6 facilities, 96,200 APV, Level 1 regional pediatric trauma center

T-System Solution: RevCycle+® facility coding software & quality assurance services

RevCycle+® Results:
  • Increased collections by $13.6 million in the first 7 months
  • $269 increase per patient
  • On target to improve annual collections by $23 million

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