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Brockton Hospital finds success with EV™ for physicians


The emergency physicians at Brockton Hospital successfully used EV™ for physicians alongside their separate emergency department (ED) nursing documentation system. This dramatically improved reimbursement and reduced cost through more accurate and complete documentation of patient care. Also, costly dictation expenses were eliminated.

Before T-System – Physicians dictating patient charts

The ED was already performing well with efficient throughput times, a high core measures compliance rate and solid patient satisfaction scores. However, with the high cost of dictation, declining reimbursement rates and the push for electronic documentation, Brockton’s ED began looking for a physician EHR that wouldn’t set back their performance.

After T-System – ER productivity and significant financial improvement

After implementing the new solution, Brockton saw immediate results.

ED throughput remained steady with a slight improvement

  • Even with a slight increase in patient volume, Brockton’s LWBS stayed at just under one percent.
  • Overall length-of-stay decreased by 10 minutes to 188 minutes.
  • Press Ganey scores remained in the 99th percentile.

ED professional reimbursement improved significantly

  • Increased annual ED physician revenue by $1.2 million due to a more normalized charge distribution and less under-coding – level 5 charges increased by 82 percent and level 3 charges decreased by 21 percent.
  • Eliminated high-cost annual dictation expenses of $120,000.
  • Increased ED observation net revenue by another $600,000.

“Our institution has not yet adopted the T for nursing, hopefully that will come. The business model is strong and the safety and throughput issues are even stronger.”

– Kenneth Lawson, M.D., Chief of Emergency Medicine, Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

T-System & Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

Location: Brockton, Mass.
ED: 63,000 APV, non-profit teaching hospital

T-System Solution: EV™ for physicians

EV™ Results:
  • Increased annual ED physician revenue by $1.2 million
  • Eliminated annual dictation expenses of $120,000
  • Increased ED observation net revenue by $600,000

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