Client Excellence Awards

The T-System Client Excellence Awards recognize up to six providers each year from the more than 1,900 facilities and physician groups nationwide that have partnered with T-System for exceptional quality of care, operational processes and financial results.

Centegra Health System

Overall winner for T-System Client Excellence

After converting from an enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) to EV™ for its emergency department-specific clinical content and workflow, Centegra Health System (McHenry, IL) realized immediate improvements in quality metrics, patient and staff satisfaction, clinical documentation and revenue. On day one of the implementation, Centegra Health System saw 150 patients between two hospital sites and despite an increase in volume, had zero patients leave without being seen by a provider.
CentraCare Health – Monticello

Excellence in Interoperability

CentraCare Health – Monticello (Monticello, MN) successfully implemented an interface which allowed T-System’s EV for Physicians to share critical information with the hospital information system, improving communication throughout the facility, the documentation process for physicians and patient care.
Charles Cole Memorial Hospital

Excellence in Process Improvement

Cole Memorial Hospital (Coudersport, PA) successfully streamlined processes by transitioning from paper documentation to T-System’s emergency department information system (EDIS), resulting in notable throughput improvements, including a 44 percent reduction in length of stay and door to doc times as well as improved patient satisfaction.
Dosher Memorial Hospital

Excellence in Sustainable Outcomes

A T-System client since 2004, Dosher Memorial Hospital (Southport, NC) has leveraged the full T-System solution suite to transform emergency department operations and patient experience. The organization is continually reducing left without being seen rates and door to doctor times, improving clinical documentation and refining charge capture and coding methods.
Penobscot Valley Hospital

Excellence in Revenue Optimization

T-System’s EV along with T-System’s RevCycle+® facility coding solution helped Penobscot Valley Hospital (Lincoln, ME) receive more accurate collections for the care provided to patients. The combination of improved documentation and charge capture led to a 16 percent increase in emergency department revenue.


Patient Experience

Dosher Memorial Hospital, a North Carolina critical access hospital, successfully used EV™ to transform the patient experience by reducing the LWBS (left without being seen) rate by a staggering 90 percent, reducing door-to-doc time by 53 percent and achieving a Press Ganey score of 99.

Process Improvement

U.S. Air Force medical facility Keesler Medical Center leveraged EV™ to successfully implement key process improvements including the addition of an urgent care center for low acuity care and reengineered processes for triage, bedding and information capture resulting in notable throughput improvements including a 31 percent reduction in LOS (length of stay).

Clinical Quality

After switching from an enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) to EV™ for its robust, physician-driven clinical content, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center saw clear improvements in clinical quality including more complete documentation which resulted in improved charge capture and patient safety, full support for regulatory requirements including Meaningful Use and dramatically increased physician satisfaction.

Value and Efficiency

Springfield Hospital, a Vermont critical access hospital, achieved significant results with T-System’s EV™ and facility and physician coding solution. By eliminating dictation and utilizing EV’s template-based documentation, Springfield Hospital realized improved value and optimized efficiency in their emergency department just four months after implementation.

Data-Driven Care

Summit Pacific Medical Center leveraged the power of real-time data and reporting in EV™ to improve clinical care resulting in better outcomes for sepsis, cardiac and stroke patients and a cardiac level II and stroke level III designation. They also used data from EV™ to accurately adjust workflow to meet demand, improve regulatory compliance and improve patient safety.

Brockton Hospital

Physician Documentation

The emergency physicians at Brockton Hospital successfully used EV™ for physicians alongside their separate ED nursing documentation system to dramatically improve reimbursement and reduce cost through more accurate and complete documentation of patient care and elimination of dictation.
Cascade Valley Hospital


Longtime T-System client Cascade Valley Hospital implemented HL7 two-way interfacing to send and receive crucial information throughout the facility – resulting in faster, more precise and safer patient care.
Children's Hospital Colorado

Revenue Cycle

Children's Hospital Colorado implemented T-System facility coding across a network of what will soon be eight facilities in central Colorado to improve compliance and charge capture – setting them on a path to realize a $23 million annual increase in revenue.
Coon Memorial Hospital


For a complete makeover of their ED, Coon Memorial Hospital deployed T-System's full spectrum of solutions including an ED information system, performance-enhancing technology and physician and facility coding – attesting to Meaningful Use, improving throughput, shortening accounts receivable days, transforming documentation and optimizing ED revenue.
Hunt Regional Hospital


Before implementing EV, Hunt Regional Hospital's emergency care was manually documented in a non-standard way leading to an unknown number of unfinished, lost and unfiled charts. The adoption of T-System's ED information system provided a complete documentation makeover – improving information transparency and results across the department.
Queens Hospital Center


Queens Hospital Center's busy trauma center used T-System's paper documentation system to transform their productivity times, improve key performance metrics and receive the distinction of having the best EMS turnaround time in New York City – all while experiencing unprecedented two-fold patient volume surges caused by two nearby hospital closures and an H1N1 influenza outbreak.

Baptist Health

Multi-Stakeholder Impact with an EDIS

Baptist Health (Louisville, Ky.) skillfully executed electronic health record (EHR) implementations at five emergency departments (EDs) in 15 weeks. In 2011, Baptist successfully attested to Stage 1 Meaningful Use with EV™ to obtain $13 million in federal stimulus funding. Additionally, the health system’s five EDs decreased the patient length of stay by 6 percent and the admit decision to disposition time by 21 percent on average.
Commonwealth Health Corporation Bowling Green, Ky.

Bottom Line Transformation

After implementing recommendations made from the RevCycle+® coding optimization service, Commonwealth Health Corporation (Bowling Green, Ky.) achieved a 28 percent overall increase in reimbursement at three ED locations, despite patient volume remaining relatively flat.
Good Samaritan Hospital Kearney, Neb.

Community Health Leadership

Also a 2010 T-System Client Excellence Award winner for Nursing Care Efficiency, Good Samaritan Hospital (Kearney, Neb.) is recognized once again. The ED is spearheading a project to reduce alcohol-related trauma and abuse by documenting on T Sheets® the time and location of a patient's most recent alcohol consumption. The ED's collaboration with local law enforcement and community agencies will identify and raise awareness of establishments that serve alcohol to minors or over serve patrons.
NetMD Business Livonia, Mich.

ED Risk Mitigation

In addition to improving revenue with RevCycle+® coding services, NetMD Business (Livonia, Mich.) audited physician documentation with T Sheets® to provide objective peer review and targeted education and training. Expected benefits and outcomes of the program include improved physician documentation, patient satisfaction and opportunities for increased reimbursement, which is expected to reduce medical malpractice.
Hardin Memorial Health Elizabethtown, Ky.

Superior Patient Volume Management

Three months after going live with EV™, Hardin Memorial Health (Elizabethtown, Ky.) reported substantial success with key performance indicators. With 100 percent physician adoption, the ED decreased its average door-to-room time by 22 percent (45 minutes to 35 minutes) and the average length of stay by 13 percent (216 minutes to 187 minutes).
Dosher Memorial Hospital Southport, N.C.

Rapid Process Improvement with an EDIS

Dosher Memorial Hospital (Southport, N.C.), a critical access community hospital, successfully used reporting and analytics tools to streamline ED processes and improve clinical documentation. In addition, the hospital used EV™ to monitor its key performance indicators to improve patient care and benchmark its performance.

Ashtabula County Medical Center Ashtabula, Ohio

Compliance with Core Measures

With T-System solutions, Ashtabula County Medical Center (Ashtabula, Ohio) improved the capture of core measures and overall patient care quality. For two years straight, it received the Emergency Medicine Excellence Award from HealthGrades for performing in the top 5 percent in low patient mortality rates.
Mason General Hospital Shelton, Wash.

Innovation in Patient Access

Using EV™ and HL7 data streams, Mason General Hospital (Shelton, Wash.) provided patients with a convenient way to access and share their health information. It created a portal that allows patients to pre-register for surgical visits, access and share visit summaries online and download the information to personal health records.
Montrose Memorial Hospital Montrose, Colo.

Attaining Meaningful Use with CPOE

Montrose Memorial Hospital (Montrose, Colo.) was among the country’s first hospitals to attest to Stage 1 Meaningful Use, achieved in part through the use of CPOE in the ED. Montrose Memorial Hospital presented its Meaningful Use strategy at the 2011 HIMSS Virtual Conference & Expo.
Osceola Regional Medical Center Kissimmee, Fla.

Operational Efficiency

Despite seeing a 20 percent increase in ED visits, Osceola Regional Medical Center (Kissimmee, Fla.) improved its average length of stay for discharged patients by 36 percent and for admitted patients by 40 percent.
PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center Bellingham, Wash.

Financial Optimization

Through a focused effort on process improvement and ED automation, PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center (Bellingham, Wash.) achieved an overall revenue improvement of $1.1 million annually.
Canonsburg General Hospital Canonsburg, Pa.

Patient Throughput and Efficiency

Canonsburg General Hospital (Canonsburg, Pa.)
Cascade Valley Hospital

Nursing Care Efficiency

Good Samaritan Health Systems Emergency Services ( Kearney, Neb.)
Graham Hospital Canton, Ill.

Patient Safety and Financial Improvement

Graham Hospital (Canton, Ill.)
Great Plains Medical Center North Platte, Neb.

Leadership in Health Information Exchange

Great Plains Medical Center (North Platte, Neb.)
King’s Daughters Medical Center Brookhaven, Miss.

Patient Service and Performance Improvement

King’s Daughters Medical Center (Brookhaven, Miss.)
Sanford Health Fargo, N.D.

Process Improvement to Address Increased Volume

Sanford Health (Fargo, N.D.)

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