Black Book Report 2015 Survey

Black Book Market Research annually evaluates leading healthcare software and service providers across 18 operational excellence key performance indicators completely from the perspective of the client experience. Independent and unbiased from vendors’ influence, over 420,000 healthcare IT users are invited to contribute. Below is a summary of the results from Black Book's 2015 Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) report.
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Top Overall Vendor: T-System

Top Functional Subset Honors

Comprehensive end-to-end EMR vendors are defined as being comprised of four surveyed functions. T-System was ranked as the top vendor in the following three of the four functions:

  • Patient Health Data Management Administrative Processing
  • Communications and Connectivity
  • Order Entry and Management
10 out of 18
number one rankings for T-System in operational excellence criteria

Full list of #1 rankings:

The surveyed measured vendors across 18 key performance indicators, defined below.

T-System ranked within top 4 of every individual key performance indicator.

Q1. Specialty overall preference/vertical industry recommendations, MU 1 & MU 2 (T-System rank: #1)
Q2. Innovation & Connectivity (T-System rank: #3)
Q3. Training (T-System rank: #3)
Q4. Client Relationships and cultural fit (T-System rank: #1)
Q5. Trust, Transparency and Accountability (T-System rank: #1)
Q6. Breadth of offerings, client types, delivery excellence (T-System rank: #4)
Q7. Deployment and outsourcing implementation (T-System rank: #1)
Q8. Customization (T-System rank: #3)
Q9. Integration and interfaces (T-System rank: #1)
Q10. Scalability, client adaptability, flexible pricing (T-System rank: #4)
Q11. Compensation and employee performance (T-System rank: #2)
Q12. Reliability (T-System rank: #1)
Q13. Brand image and marketing communications (T-System rank: #2)
Q14. Marginal value adds (T-System rank: #1)
Q15. Visibility, Managerial Stability (T-System rank: #2)
Q16. Data security and backup services (T-System rank: #1)
Q17. Support and client customer care (T-System rank: #1)
Q18. Best of breed technology and process improvement, MU 3+ (T-System rank: #1)
0.00-5.79 5.80-7.32 7.33-8.70 8.71-10.00

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