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For a successful Meaningful Use strategy, the emergency department (ED) can be the secret to success. T-System is dedicated to providing certified EHR technology and expert services to help hospitals achieve their MU goals and receive ARRA funding. This resource center provides access to free resources, strategy guidance and T-System product certification information.

1. An EDIS can be the key to Meaningful Use

Due to the volume of patients and the dedicated staff, the ED can be the key to Meaningful Use attestation - but only with the right solution.

2. CPOE is essential for clinical decision support & data aggregation – key elements of Meaningful Use

“Adoption is easier in the ED because CPOE helps so much with throughput time. On the inpatient side, inpatient physicians who are not at the hospital all day don’t like to login to the system,” Robert Hitchcock, MD, chief strategy officer at T-System. Read "CPOE's Role is Meaningful".

3. Meaningful Use creates true interoperability for meds, allergies and problem lists

The now required, consolidated CDA eliminates duplicate documentation by requiring reconciliation of medications, allergies and problem lists. Eliminate costly interfaces as CDAs can be shared regardless of vendor/product and are cheaper and easier than HL7.

4. Achieve Stage 2 with all ED patients

As the majority of visits and discharges occur in the ED, using all ED patients can reduce risk in case your inpatient system implementation fails and help you achieve success faster.

EV Certification Highlights

  • Fully certified CPOE module with the highest adoption rate in the industry
  • Certified for “Transitions of Care” measures to securely send care documents from EV to other providers
  • Robust reporting tools and pre-built reports specially designed for Meaningful Use attestations

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EV Certification Disclosure
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