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Gold standard emergency department clinical content and workflow embedded within Cerner FirstNet ®

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Using SMART® on FHIR® technologies, the T System SMART App™ provides Emergency Department clinical content and intuitive workflow, all in a convenient documentation solution embedded within the Cerner FirstNet solution. Built and maintained by T-System, the clinical content is the gold standard for emergency medicine. T System SMART APP™ is designed to support the wide range and varying acuity of presenting conditions in the emergency department.

The T System SMART App™ ease-of-use and clinically-driven workflow makes capturing necessary clinical and regulatory information fast but thorough, resulting in a completed chart that clearly tells the story of the patient encounter and optimized for accurate coding and reimbursement. The seamless integration and interoperability within FirstNet allows real time communication and access for the entire care team without leaving FirstNet.

Familiar and efficient content built and maintained by T-System
Using T-System’s familiar circle and backslash documentation method, documentation can be completed efficiently and effectively during the clinical encounter, even for trauma patients.

Seamlessly and fully integrated with FirstNet using FHIR technology
Using SMART® on FHIR® technologies Physician Content, Patient Context, Demographics and Encounters are seamlessly integrated from the SMART App to Cerner FirstNet. Accessed directly from and document without leaving FirstNet.

Physician document is immediately available within Cerner
Maintains care team communication and patient safety by making the record immediately available throughout entire Cerner network.

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