Advanced Coding System

Charge capture and coding technology

Developed by a team of experts including credentialed coders and physicians, T-System’s Advanced Coding
System (ACS) assists coders in accurately valuing the resources utilized in a care encounter. The sophisticated
algorithms in ACS are resource-driven and based on standards from both CMS and the American College of
Emergency Physicians (ACEP). ACS facilitates accurate coding for everything from simple encounters to
multiple patient complaints to ensure optimal reimbursement for care provided.

Renee Purcell, CPC-H
Vice President, General Manager, RevCycle+®

Accurate coding for observation services and procedures

Easily captures observation hours and subtracts hours for actively monitored procedures; allows for split department charge allocation.

Appropriate reimbursement for injections and infusions

Proprietary injection and infusion calculator uses a built-in hierarchy for multiple injections and infusions which leads to the correct code.

Designed for effective reimbursement under the new ICD-10 code set

ICD-10 encoder uses natural language processing and ensures accurate, defensible codes for efficiency and compliance.
ACS can either be utilized by your team of coders in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model,
or utilized by T-System’s team of credentialed coders to manage the entire charging and coding process.
ACS has four different modules that can be used separately or together based on your specific needs:
Traditional facility E/M tools undervalue hospital resources, and quality audits are usually preformed weeks or even months after the fact which means that most facilities are not being accurately reimbursed for the revenue they have earned. RevCycle+ facility coding uses an intelligent tool to accurately code based on resource utilization, and is supported by ongoing quality audits that drive a 97 percent accuracy rate.
Accurately capturing and coding charges in the resource-intensive observation environment can be a challenge, and money is often left on the table with observation patients. RevCycle+ observation coding is designed to effectively capture observation services and procedures, while easily recognizing and subtracting hours for actively monitored procedures. It also allows for split department charge allocation.
After the ICD-10 implementation, the pool of qualified emergency department coders shrank. RevCycle+’s ICD-10-ready encoder utilizes natural language processing, a built in hierarchy of edits and a customizable pick list that allows the external cause to be rapidly selected in order to ensure accurate, complete and defensible ICD-10 codes.
Based on CMS 1995 documentation guidelines, RevCycle+ accurately captures charges and codes for professional services. It supports mid-level attribution, and provides enhanced reporting for provider feedback including documentation deficiency and relative value unit (RVU) reports.

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