Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

CDI services for emergency care

While most clinical documentation improvement (CDI) programs focus on inpatient settings, CDI is equally if not more important for emergency care due to the wide range of acuity and varying levels of services for each visit. T-System’s CDI services will help you optimize clinical documentation in this dynamic and high-cost setting, resulting in improvements for the entire health system.

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Our team uncovers $100 on average of missed revenue per patient encounter.

With experience at over 40 percent of the nation’s emergency departments, our team of clinical and coding experts is the source for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) in emergency care. They will analyze your emergency department documentation and coding practices from start to finish, uncovering the deficiencies and inaccuracies that are causing you to leave money on the table.

A CDI engagement includes:
  • Review of documentation practices
  • Review of coding practices
  • Detailed feedback and action plans backed by our team of trained experts
  • Ongoing and timely performance reviews and physician training

CDI Results

Improved documentation

Our experts will uncover documentation deficiencies and inaccuracies and provide ongoing support, feedback and physician training to ensure strong documentation of patient encounters.

Improved charge capture and reimbursement

Good documentation and charge capture go hand in hand. Improving documentation of the patient visit paired with proper coding will result in improved charge capture and optimized revenue.

Regulatory preparedness

Improved documentation will result in regulatory preparedness; a more through and accurate account of the patient visit is legally defensible.
  • Uncover documentation opportunities and inaccuracies ensuring a complete patient encounter and allowing for improved charge capture when coding.
  • Assess current coding practices and uncover potential opportunities for improvement.
  • Work with key stakeholders to implement rapid improvement cycles targeting documentation opportunities.
  • Provide ongoing support, feedback and training to ensure strong documentation of patient encounters.
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