Emergency Department Transformation Services

Process and operational improvement

Patients come to the emergency department at their most vulnerable times, often feeling fearful and anxious.
Having a high performing emergency department that delivers compassionate care and reduces patient’s fear
and anxiety is critical to the success of any organization. Our team of clinical experts provides expert services
that help emergency departments optimize workflow, patient outcomes and department performance.

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Sustainable performance is our goal.
T-System believes that professional services should not be a limited engagement with a client but instead the opportunity to help our clients build the right tools, leadership skills and support to maintain compassionate care and high performance long term.

Performance Assessment

T-System’s performance assessment is a thorough analysis of all emergency department operations, and is designed to uncover your unique areas for performance improvement opportunities. No two performance assessments are the same because no two emergency departments are the same.

Our expert team is experienced in analyzing emergency department operations and will customize an improvement approach and plan that is specific to your opportunities.

Performance Improvement Plan

After the performance assessment is complete, the resulting improvement plan begins with a comprehensive report that pinpoints the performance gaps and a proposed approach and plan for improvement.

Our team of experts will then work hand-in-hand with your leadership team to execute these plans and ensure that the right tools, support and processes are in place to sustain high performance.

Common Performance Assessment & Improvement Areas

  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks, cumbersome or repetitive processes
  • Provide industry proven best practice recommendations for performance opportunities
  • Work alongside your team for implementation support to achieve optimal workflow
  • Utilize the Emergency Severity Index framework which ensures consistency and reliability among triage nursing professionals to provide site-specific recommendations
  • Ensure patients with emergent concerns are quickly identified so treatment is not delayed
  • Ensure non-emergent patients are accurately identified as safe to wait if needed
  • Provide your leadership team with proven evidence-based practices in the form of didactic and side-by-side support to elevate their effectiveness as leaders and achieve sustainable high performance.
Patient Experience
  • Help facilitate compassionate care that infuses confidence and trust for the patient and their family in the emergency department
  • Teach your leadership team and care providers proven evidence-based tactics to improve and sustain your patient experience results
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