EV™ for Physicians

ER physician documentation

Don’t let a hard-to-use enterprise EHR get you down. EV for physicians was created by emergency physicians and for emergency physicians with ER-specific clinical content and workflow, all in a convenient documentation solution that works alongside your hospital’s existing EHR.

Robert Hitchcock, M.D., FACEP
Executive Vice President
& General Manager,
Designed for the fast-paced and often hectic emergency department environment, EV for physicians removes the burden of clinical documentation for physicians and puts the focus back on patient care. The intuitive design and clinically-driven workflow makes capturing necessary clinical and regulatory information easy and effective, resulting in a completed chart that clearly tells the story of the patient encounter and is optimized for accurate coding and reimbursement.

Physician-Driven Content and Workflow

  • Unparalleled physician adoption
  • Clinical content designed to trigger cognitive strategies
  • ER focused workflow that improves throughput
  • Includes ICD-10 content updates and multi-level feedback (no need to remember ICD-10 codes or documentation requirements)

Works with Existing Systems

  • No need to replace any existing systems (including the hospital’s EHR)
  • Replaces costly and less effective options including dictation, scribes and macros
  • Affordable flat-rate subscription with no upfront cost
  • Easy for IT: few resources for implementation and no ongoing support required

EV for Physicians - ER physician documentation
quality of care
physician and
patient satisfaction

EV ONC Certification Disclosure
Additional Costs May Apply

Brockton Hospital and EV for Physicians

  • Increased annual ER physician revenue by $1.2 million
  • Eliminated annual dictation expenses of $120,000
  • Increased ER observation net revenue by $600,000

Ken Lawson, M.D., chief of emergency medicine at Brockton Hospital discussess how they increased annual ER physician revenue by $1.2 million

There's no way you can use an inpatient documentation system and survive in the emergency department. Doctors hate charting - it takes you away from the patient. T-System is the quickest and easiest. It's as simple as that."

– Ken Lawson, M.D.
Chief of Emergency Medicine
Brockton Hospital

Read Brockton's story >>

Functionality Features

Stop Medical Errors comprehensive reporting with EV intelligence

  • Comprehensive databse of over 1000 drugs for acute care
  • Standardized to the EV CPOE database
  • Point of Care support for safe medication administration

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