Charge capture and coding services

Outpatient settings such as emergency departments and urgent care centers have unique challenges related
to charge capture and coding. RevCycle+ combines intelligent coding technology with expert services for a
solution that improves quality and compliance and results in more accurate coding and improved financial
outcomes for various types of facilities from critical access hospitals to large IDNs to children's hospitals.

Jeannie Ruch, RHIA, CPC,
AHIMA-approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer
Director of Coding Assessments

With a compliance-driven and quality focused approach, RevCycle+ helps
facilities recognize the revenue they have earned based on the care that was provided.


Driven by a holistic view of the care encounter; more accurate resource utilization
Provides more consistent financial results
Coding based on post-discharge documentation review; focus on care provided vs. initial presenting condition
Injection and infusion calculator includes built-in hierarchy for multiple injections and infusions, leading to the correct code


Credentialed audit review team and ongoing quality assurance reviews
Intervention-based methodology supported by ACEP
Highly defensible with reporting to support all coded charts
ICD-10 ready encoder utilizes natural language processing for accurate, complete ICD-10 code generation
RevCycle+ results in more accurate coding and therefore improved financial outcomes. Our clients on average experience:

$117 gross revenue increase for emergency department patients
$300-$400 gross revenue increase per patient for observation patients

Two different service models to meet your needs:

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Your team of coders is provided with secure, online access to the Advanced Coding System (ACS)

Full service

T-System's credentialed team of coders manage the entire charging and coding process for you

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