T Sheets® EVolvED

What if you could have the speed and efficiency of T Sheets® with the power of electronic physician documentation? Now you can have both! Introducing T Sheets EVolvED, the next generation of physician documentation.

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T Sheets® EVolvED provides the same documentation methodology and workflow
while helping you improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

T Sheets® EVolvED

T Sheets® EVolvED Workflow

Transition of Care Communication

T Sheets® EVolvED Diagram Workflow considerations: current T- Sheets vs EVolvED

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Dr. Robert Hitchcock joined T-System in 2008 and provides the strategic vision for T-System’s documentation business based on his clinical, regulatory and operational expertise.

With a robust set of features,
T Sheet® EVolvED is an alternative method of delivering T-System content and experience using modern technology.""

– Robert Hitchcock, M.D., FACEP
Executive Vice President
and General Manager, Documentation

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Functionality Features

Stop Medical Errors comprehensive reporting with EV intelligence

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