Comprehensive Clinical Content

Improve patient care and revenue through more accurate, efficient and complete documentation. Access the most-up-to date clinical and regulatory content that is regularly reviewed and updated by a team of expert clinicians and coders.

Intuitive Template Design

Improve throughput and efficiency with an intuitively designed documentation template. Document patient encounters based on the presenting complaint using circles for positive findings and backslashes for pertinent negatives.

Designed for ICD-10

T Sheets, which includes the necessary clinical content and terminology to support the increased accuracy and specificity required by ICD-10 to help ensure accurate reimbursement.

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Emergency Physician & Nurse

With support for virtually every chief complaint from medicine to trauma to pediatrics, T Sheets alleviates the burden of emergency department documentation so that ER physicians and nurses can focus on patient care.

  • 157 comprehensive templates
  • Includes T Sheets shelving unit

Urgent Care

T Sheets is designed for urgent care processes and workflow to assist your team in providing efficient and quality care for an affordable price.

T Sheets for Urgent Care
  • 82 urgent care templates
  • Multiple storage options

Functionality Features
comprehensive reporting with EV intelligence

Stop Medical Errors

  • Point of care support for safe medication administration
  • Comprehensive database of over 1000 drugs for acute care indications
  • Medication safety everywhere on line or mobile app


A focused subset of T Sheets is available to ensure continuity during planned or unplanned EHR system downtimes, natural disasters, power outages and other unexpected situations.

  • 38 downtime templates
  • Ensures clinical continuity and maintains reimbursement
Doc Notes™

Designed to capture the initial part of an emergency department visit at the bedside for subsequent entry into an EHR, Doc Notes are an efficient and effective note taking and collaboration tool.

  • 68 ER-specific templates
  • Flexible to fit both physician and scribe workflow
Primary Care

T Sheets can assist your primary care team in providing efficient and quality care, and at an affordable price.

  • 75 primary care templates
  • Designed for primary care setting
  • Multiple storage options

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