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April 2022 | Volume 6, Issue 3

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This month, our new courses focus on documenting specific aspects of your patient assessment. Please check out our new courses below.

Foley Catheter Assessment

On occasion, a patient may present to your ED with a Foley catheter in place. In this course, we show how to quickly document an assessment of a Foley catheter.

Portable XRAY

It is important to document any portable xrays that are performed in the emergency department. The nurse can document this in the Procedures section. This brief course demonstrates where to find and document portable xrays.

Skin Breakdown Documentation

During your patient assessment, you may notice the patient has some skin bruising, tears, etc. This course walks through documenting these elements of your exam.

Defensible Documentation

With the current happenings in the industry and news, it is imperative that definitions and strategies are properly implemented. Consistent and compliant practices can be maintained through the use of tools like Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA).

Former nurse found guilty in accidental injection death of 75-year-old patient

RaDonda Vaught, a former nurse criminally prosecuted for a fatal drug error in 2017, was convicted of gross neglect of an impaired adult and negligent homicide on Friday after a three-day trial in Nashville, Tenn., that gripped nurses across the country.

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