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August 2022 | Volume 6, Issue 6

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As August comes to a close and we launch into September, the late nights of summer have ended, and kids are back in school. Routines are reinstated, and for many a sense of focus and motivation is renewed. Take some time to unlock your inner student and review our extensive library of educational videos to learn some great tips and tricks. Be sure to check out our new videos listed below.

Admin Tools and Reports Overview Webinar

Please join us for a 1-hour webinar for Admins on September 21st at 11 am Central time. We will review tools, metrics and EV reporting available to admins. Please click the link below to register:

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Prior Visits: Meds, Allergies and Surgical History

When prior patients return to the ED, you can easily access their previous visit history to review their medications, allergies, and surgical history. In this course, we review how to import that history and update it based on information gathered during the current visit.

Take Home Packs

Hard Stops are in place to help ensure proper documentation has occurred prior to locking the record. However, there are times when it is not possible to document as required. This short course demonstrates the correct way to defer these hard stops.

Triage Interventions

During triage, a nurse may need to order a medication to manage pain while the patient is being treated. In this course, we show where to document these interventions.

Dischage Instructions

Exit-Writer updates the discharge instructions as new information becomes available related to COVID-19. Currently, we monitor these updates quarterly, making them available to our clients.

So far in this quarter (Q3) there are no new instructions, but these instructions were modified recently:

  1. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Overview
  2. Vaccines and Prevention
  3. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Caring for Yourself or Others
  4. Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Pregnancy and Childbirth
  5. COVID-19 and the Flu: What’s the Difference?
  6. Understanding the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

These modified instructions are not available in EV, so for clients that want to include them, we recommend adding them as customized discharge instructions for COVID-19. 

To retrieve the Exit-Writer COVID-19 discharge instruction file:  EV Help > Help Topics > EV Administration Help > Tools > Discharge Instruction Manager > Create custom instructions > COVID-19 PDF discharge instructions (see screenshot below)   

EV Help describes how you can create customized discharge instructions: EV Help > Help Topics > EV 6.1 Admin Help > Tools > Discharge Instructions Manager > Create custom instructions  

Cloud-based clients should reach out to Client Support to create, edit, or customize your discharge instructions

Staff Turnover? We can help!

Many of our clients have recently been impacted by staff turnover. This presents an added challenge when onboarding users to existing software applications. Our clients have access to a wealth of education materials and videos using our online learning system. Using our curricula, you can easily enroll users in the courses that pertain to their role:

  • Clerk – Curricula – EV
  • Nurse – Curricula – EV
  • Provider – Curricula – EV

Your LMS Administrator can assign these courses to your users. If you do not have an LMS administrator, please send an email to us at tsystem@corrohealth.com.

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If you are interested in onsite education for your facility, please reach out to your Regional Client Executive.

Webinar Series – Summer of Safety by The T System

In case you missed the live demonstrations, we have listed the links to the recording below!

July 26 – Barcoded Med Admin (BCMA)

August 9 – Safe Dose

August 23 – Pharmacy Worklist / Med Cabinet

View Recording »

View Recording »

View Recording »

July 26 – Barcoded Med Admin (BCMA)

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August 9 – Safe Dose

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August 23 – Pharmacy Worklist / Med Cabinet

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