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February 2022 | Volume 6, Issue 1

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2110 Clinical Content Overview
We recently released our latest EV version 6.1.1. To accompany our latest release, our team put together a video to review the changes and enhancements included. The 2110 Clinical Content Overview reviews the content changes within the templates for both providers and nurses. This is a great video to review if you are currently in the upgrade schedule or if you just want to learn more about this latest release.
Dynamic Feedback
Within our application, providers will encounter some guidance as they document the clinical impression. Our Dynamic Feedback course walks through this functionality and provides some great insights for providers.
Warning for Allergies Not Documented
When placing an order within EV, the application is able to provide a warning to the provider and nurses if allergies have not been documented. This alert can help increase patient safety and this video shows how this can easily be addressed.
Critical Access Provider Time Report
In our latest release, we added the ability to document provider time. This short video walks through the report showing these provider times. This feature is particularly useful for critical access facilities but can be enabled for any facility. To request this feature be enabled, please contact our support team at tsystem@corrohealth.com.

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