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June 2022 | Volume 6, Issue 4

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June marks the beginning of summer. For many, this means soaking up the sun, barbecues, camping, vacation adventures, and closing out the day with a beautiful sunset. Whatever your plans may be, we wish you a wonderful summer of making new memories.

Duplicate or Invalid Visits

What should you do if a patient is registered to the ED incorrectly? Our new course reviews the steps to validate and remove these incorrect visits from the status board.

Striking a Documented Medication

There may be an occasion when a nurse needs to strike a medication and cancel an order. This course walks you through the correct way to handle these cases.

Windows Server 2012 – End of Support

Microsoft’s extended support of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 will end October 10, 2023. If your EV application is running on a 2012 server, please reach out to your Regional Client Executive (RCE) or Client Experience Partner (CEP) to discuss migration options.

School is out for summer – Wait, no it’s not!

Is your facility experiencing turnover in your ED? Or perhaps you have expanded your existing team? If so, we encourage you to use our online learning system to educate these new users. Using our curricula, you can easily enroll users in the courses that pertain to their role:

  • Clerk – Curricula – EV
  • Nurse – Curricula – EV
  • Provider – Curricula – EV

Your LMS Administrator can assign these courses to your users. If you do not have an LMS administrator, please send an email to us at tsystem@corrohealth.com.

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