Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)

The emergency department is unique. Its documentation solution should be too. Backed by powerful clinical knowledge and an intuitive workflow designed for emergency care, EV is the most widely adopted emergency department information system (EDIS) in the U.S. today.

In-Depth EDIS Clinical Content

Built and maintained by a team of emergency physicians and nurses at The T System, the clinical content in EV is the gold standard for emergency medicine.

Designed to support the wide range and varying acuity of presenting conditions in the emergency department, EV gives clinicians powerful information at their fingertips to successfully evaluate, treat and diagnose patients. It is regularly reviewed and updated with regulatory changes, disease outbreaks and changing clinical protocols.

Interoperability with All Major EHRs

Working with your enterprise EHR, The T System’s EDIS can help maintain your emergency department’s productivity, throughput and financial outcomes. The T System is a proud member of the CommonWell Health Alliance, a non-profit trade association committed to improving healthcare interoperability standards.

The T System is experienced in interfacing with every major enterprise system and sharing data that includes registration information, history, medications, allergies, billing and more. 25+ bidirectional inbound and outbound interfaces are currently standardized.

Intuitive Workflow for the ER

A fast-paced and often hectic environment, the ER needs a solution that can keep up. With The T System’s original circle and backslash documentation method, documentation can be completed efficiently and effectively during the clinical encounter, even for trauma patients.

Designed with a workflow that works with clinicians instead of against them, EV makes documentation a seamless element of the clinical encounter.

ICD-10 Technology Helps Ensure Accurate Reimbursement

Clinical content in EV has been meticulously updated for ICD-10 to include the appropriate specificity, structure and terminology necessary for the ICD-10 transition, removing the burden from physicians.

The T System has also developed patent-pending, multi-level ICD-10 feedback technology that includes both high-level visual cues as well as the option for more detailed feedback to help facilitate the most specific ICD-10 code possible in order to prevent delayed or denied claims.

Success with EV

Clients discuss measurable changes and improvements.

Key Integrations Across:

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Lab Information Systems (LIS)

Radiology Information Systems (RIS)

Billing Companies

Practice Management Systems

With a robust set of features and functionality, EV is designed to help you improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

Computerized provider order entry (CPOE)

  • Easily and accurately place orders through a single screen that shows all order sets
  • Single click, pre-select option for standardized order sets
  • Visibility into major order milestones
  • Drug and allergy conflict checking to ensure patient safety

Embedded clinical decision support

  • Hundreds of medical calculators from PEPID™, including scoring systems at the point-of-care
  • Drug monographs with age, weight, disease and renal adjustment dosing from PEPID™
  • Support for hard-to-diagnosis patients with symptom-based differential diagnoses tool from Isabel Healthcare

Electronic prescribing

  • Send prescriptions directly and securely to the patient’s preferred pharmacy
  • Includes support for electronic prescribing of controlled substances
  • Improve patient safety through drug allergy contradiction alerts
  • Includes formulary information regarding medication cost and generic substitutes

Medical home connectivity

  • Alert primary care providers of patient status changes such as arrival and discharge
  • Give providers secure web access to the ER patient record
  • Automate referral management

Operational assurance services

  • Improve key performance indicators (KPI)s through custom recommendations
  • Optimize EV for the unique workflow of your emergency department
  • Receive a customized plan for making operational improvements

Real-time analytics dashboard

  • Get a real-time snapshot of activity in your emergency department including color-coded alerts for pre-defined throughput thresholds
  • Make decisions about patient flow, staffing and resources
  • Improve throughput with advanced notification for inflow/outflow ratio, occupancy and capacity

Comprehensive reporting

  • Complete data available in an intelligent tool
  • Canned reports with a variety of export options
  • Custom report builder with option to design, create and manage multi-dimensional reports

Stop medication Errors

  • Comprehensive database of over 1000 drugs for acute care indications
  • Standardized to the EV CPOE database
  • Point of Care support for safe medication administration

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