T Sheets® EVolvED

The next generation of physician documentation

What if you could have the speed and efficiency of T Sheets® with the power of electronic physician documentation? Now you can have both! Introducing T Sheets EVolvED, the next generation of physician documentation.

Improving your clinical, operational and financial outcomes

T Sheets® EVolvED provides the same documentation methodology and workflow while helping you improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes.

The speed, efficiency and mobility of T Sheets

Textual clinical narrative output facilitates the transition of care

Enhanced clinical content

Easy and rapid implementation

Cloud hosted and web browser-delivered

ICD-10 Content, Code Generation and Dynamic Feedback for Missing Documentation Drives Additional Revenue

MIPS criteria streamlined

Eliminates missing, lost or incomplete charts

Key Integrations Across:

Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Lab Information Systems (LIS)

Radiology Information Systems (RIS)

Billing Companies

Practice Management Systems

Watch the T Sheets® EVolvED Demo to learn about…

  • The speed, efficiency and mobility of EVolvED
  • Textual clinical narrative
  • Guiding documentation of ICD-10 codes
  • Eliminating lost charts

Functionality Features

  • Comprehensive databse of over 1000 drugs for acute care
  • Standardized to the EV CPOE database
  • Point of Care support for safe medication administration

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