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Get back to patient care with an EMR designed for the unique challenges of urgent care. Utilizing the patented documentation of The T System, clinicians gain access to a solution easy enough to be fully adopted in a single shift.

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How We Empower Your Business With Modernized Solutions

Chief Complaint Based Templates

Clinicians access a comprehensive library of over 25 adult and 18 pediatric documentation templates based on chief compliant. These templates follow a clinician’s natural workflow and have been time tested over the 25+ year history of The T System solution. Documentation flow from these chief complaint templates help maintain The T System’s year-over-year ranking as the clinician preferred documentation solution.

Electronic Prescribing (eRx)

A full eRx solution is provided within The T System to send prescriptions directly and securely to the patient’s preferred pharmacy. This includes

  • Support for electronic prescribing of controlled substances
  • Drug allergy contradiction alerts
  • Formulary information regarding medication cost and generic substitutes

Autonomous Coding

The T System solution utilizes an Autonomous Coding Engine to significantly reduce and eliminate labor intensive and error prone tasks in the coding process. Utilizing the documentation from The T System, our Autonomous Coding Engine performs clinical concept extraction across structured and unstructured documentation. The engine then automates all aspects of the workflow across coding and charge capture.

This engine can decipher coding rules based on payers as well. Applying rules by payer creates less denials and bumps in the claims process.

Simplified Documentation

The T System patented approach to documentation eliminates the pain of tedious check boxes and text fields that lead to clinician frustration. The T System ease of documentation via circles and backslashes mimics the efficiency historically relegated to pen and paper forms. When additional detail is needed, clinicians can utilize dictation platforms or a library of templated clinical notes. These key solution design elements create a comprehensive clinical record without burden.

Workers’ Compensation Form Generation

From documentation captured in the EMR, common forms necessary to the Urgent Care setting are generated automatically. Workers’ Compensation forms are generated and available for distribution at the time care is provided. Additional forms can also be generated through a simple setup process for other clinic-specific needs.

Modern Integrated Solution

The proven integration standard for healthcare software, HL7, is utilized by The T System. This approach allows clinics to operate in conjunction with preferred patient experience and practice management solutions. Marketing and patient intake activities feed The T System allowing clinicians to start documentation with known patient data. At the conclusion of the visit, The T System passes along completed codes, charges, and necessary forms to make the check-out process painless.

The T System works with leading providers of patient experience and practice management solutions to ensure a seamless integration across Urgent Care.

The T System Autonomous Coding Engine


Coder Productivity Improvement

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